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I.T. / Visibility

Warehousing Services:

Shared + Dedicated Space

Space, equipment, personnel

Cross Dock + Transloading

Reduce your supply chain cost

IT / Visibility

Improved accuracy and reporting

Warehousing Technology to Fill Your Needs

Our robust WMS improves visibility and accuracy, reduces cost and allows for customized reporting.

Combining RFID & barcode technology, our system accurately keeps track of your inventory offering real-time access and reporting on demand.

Ultimately, better service to you through real time information availability and maximized data accuracy.

System Features Support:

  • Real time inventory visbility
  • Automated customized reporting
  • Inventory turn & volume analysis
  • Complete Material Management (from conception to consumption)
  • Wireless Receiving, Putaway, Picking, Shipping
  • Kitting & over-packing
  • Splitting
  • Lot/Batch #, serial # and expiry date management
  • Multi-location operations (incl. location transfers)
  • OSD
  • Highly configurable
  • Multi label
  • Hazmat classification
  • Expediting module
  • Stock Item inventory management
  • VMI
  • RFID, Barcode and GPS
  • Supplier Report Card
  •  Multiple level overpacking

Inventory in the Control Field

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment contracted Dockside to handle the packaging of over 75 factory machines for transportation to, and re-installation in, a new plant in Mexico.

Meticulous Inventory Control

Our client is the world’s largest manufacturer of power generation equipment for use in power plants. The installation of a new power plant is a massive undertaking, involving the coordination of multiple contractors and relying on each to meet the project schedule.

Shared + Dedicated

Space, equipment, personnel

Cross Docking + Transloading

Reduce your supply chain cost

IT / Visibility

Improved accuracy and reporting

Client Support

Employ new ways of doing business

The Measurable Difference

At Dockside, our mandate is to deliver custom solutions to your needs in Third-Party Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution, Packaging & Preservation, Transportation, and Order Fulfillment.

We offer performance-based solutions that result in measurable improvements. Your bespoke Dockside Logistics plan will positively impact supply-time, packaging quality, risk reduction, product availability, and ultimately your bottom line.

The key to our success is constant improvement. At Dockside, we consistently deliver fresh approaches, yielding quantifiable improvement to your business, and strengthening your relationships with your clients

We can't wait to show you the Measurable Difference. What can Dockside Logistics can do for you?


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[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness- Chris Horne, GE





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Dockside: The Measurable Difference

4756 U.S. Highway 78
Saint George, SC 29477

2550 W 5th North St
Summerville, SC 29483

7449 E Orem Dr
Houston, TX 77075

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