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Power + Energy Markets

Experience and Expertise

Dockside is the leading service-provider to the U.S. power generation equipment market. We specialize in the packaging & preservation of power generation and power transmission & distribution equipment.

  • Single cargo pieces of $79m
  • Individual pieces up to 500T
  • Single source provider to 71% market share
  • Nuclear grade packaging
  • Engineered packaging & preservation for a variety of environmental & shipping stresses (from Middle East & North Africa to Northern Canada)
  • Engineered solutions for a variety of transport & storage conditions and durations (incl. projects involving outdoor storage up to 5 years, and indoor storage up to 15 years)
  • Vast experience in all preservation disciplines (incl. dry environment / desiccant, VCI, nitrogen purging/pressurization etc)

Our innovative packaging & preservation solutions have ensured perfect product delivery 100% of the time for our clients who control 71% of the global power generation equipment market.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Gas Turbines and all component parts
  • Modular Steam turbines and all component parts
  • Generators and all component parts (for example, rotors,
  • All component parts for steam, gas and combined cycle equipment such as rotors, casings, piping, combustors, nozzles, transitions etc)
  • Wind Energy components
  • Transformers, switchgear, capacitor

Services Include:

  • Packaging & Preservation
  • Warehousing (Inventory management & Quality Assurance)
  • On-site and on-port services

Powering Results and Cost Deductions

Our client knew they had problems, but weren’t really sure how to address them. Their $30m + gas turbine power plant engines were rusting in storage and transit before ever reaching the installation site

Preservation Through Purging

Power plants frequently store replacement components to minimize the duration of planned service outages, as well as unplanned outages; when equipment is offline utilities must procure electricity from other suppliers, a less cost effective way of servicing customers.

[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness- Chris Horne, GE

Manufacturing + Industrial

Power + Energy


Ecommerce + Order Fulfillment


Transportation Industry


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    Charleston, SC

    4756 U.S. Highway 78
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    The Measurable Difference

    At Dockside, our mandate is to deliver custom solutions to your needs in Third-Party Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution, Packaging & Preservation, Transportation, and Order Fulfillment.

    We offer performance-based solutions that result in measurable improvements. Your bespoke Dockside Logistics plan will positively impact supply-time, packaging quality, risk reduction, product availability, and ultimately your bottom line.

    The key to our success is constant improvement. At Dockside, we consistently deliver fresh approaches, yielding quantifiable improvement to your business, and strengthening your relationships with your clients

    We can’t wait to show you the Measurable Difference. What can Dockside Logistics can do for you?





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    Dockside: The Measurable Difference

    1 Immigration St
    Charleston, SC 29403

    912 Commerce Cir
    Hanahan, SC

    4756 U.S. Highway 78
    Saint George, SC 29477

    7449 E Orem Dr
    Houston, TX 77075

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