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Customs Bonded Warehousing

Customs Bonded Warehousing

Dockside’s clients can benefit from our status as a U.S. Customs Bonded warehouse. A customs-bonded warehouse is a building or other secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored or manipulated, or may undergo manufacturing operations, without payment of duty.

Your company could enjoy several advantages by using a bonded warehouse:

  • No duty is collected until merchandise is withdrawn for consumption. An importer has control over use of money until the duty is paid on withdrawal of merchandise from the bonded warehouse.  If no domestic buyer is found for the imported articles, the importing company can sell merchandise for exportation, thereby canceling the importer’s obligation to pay duty.
  • Many items subject to quota or other restrictions may be stored in a bonded warehouse.
  • Check with the nearest U.S. Customs and Border Protection office, however, before placing such merchandise in a bonded warehouse.
  • Duties owed on articles that have been manipulated are determined at the time of withdrawal from the bonded warehouse.

Comparison of Key Features:

Function Bonded Warehouse
Customs Entry A bonded warehouse is within U.S. Customs territory; therefore, a Customs Entry must be filed to enter goods into the warehouse.
Customs Bond Each entry must be covered by either a single entry, term bond or general term bond.
Payment of Duty Duties are due prior to release from bonded warehouses.
Manufacturing Goods Manufacturing is prohibited.
Permitted Activity Only cleaning, repackaging and sorting may take place and under Customs supervision.
Waste & Damaged Goods Duty owed on entire shipment entering a bonded warehouse.
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    1 Immigration St
    Charleston, SC 29403

    912 Commerce Cir
    Hanahan, SC

    4756 U.S. Highway 78
    Saint George, SC 29477

    7449 E Orem Dr
    Houston, TX 77075

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