Case Studies

A Quarter Million Coils of Performance Perfection

Every year our Fortune 100 client ships tens of thousands of aluminum coils used in the manufacture of beverage cans all around the world. In a commodity marketplace, where clients change vendors for unit price changes of a few cents, maintaining client satisfaction and relationships is paramount to continued success. That’s where Dockside comes in.

For 12 years Dockside has helped our client secure their customer satisfaction by providing flawless service that has delivered business results beyond their expectations:

Over 70,000 containers shipped
Quarter million coils shipped
100% on-time shipping
100% shipping accuracy
100% inventory accuracy
Zero damage

For this client, Dockside manages inventory & activity in SAP (version 7300.2.5.3278).

Services Used:
• Dedicated Space
• Receiving
• Inventory Management
• Export Loading/Securing
• Drayage

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[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness

Chris Horne, GE November 7, 2016