Case Studies

Losses turned into gains


Our client is the world’s third largest manufacturer of construction equipment with revenues in the billions, producing over 300 types of vehicle in 22 plants worldwide.

Due to ever-increasing demand for production footprint the decision was taken to outsource inventory storage and management to a 3PL to free up space.

Our client was also suffering from poor inventory accuracy and had been forced to write off a 7-figure related financial loss.



Dockside was chosen as partner due to our warehousing pedigree, competent team, technology and business processes.

  • Up to 10 inbound and 10 outbound shipments per day
  • 2 hour turn time on hot shipments (from receipt to delivery to plant dock)
  • 257 part numbers (from pins to chassis)
  • 80,000 SF of occupied space
  • WMS with real-time inventory visibility


  • Inventory accuracy improved from 22% to 99.8% in 2 months
  • 100% on-time shipping
  • 100% Customs compliance
  • Spearheaded supplier packaging improvements through reporting and design/prototyping


Services Used:

  • Dedicated Space
  • Value-Added Services
  • IT/Visibility
  • Trans-Loading

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[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness

Chris Horne, GE November 7, 2016