Packaging and Preservation

100,000lbs of Fragile

To service market demand on it’s China plant, our client decided to temporarily relocate a large
stamping press for a finite production run.

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Packaging Proven to be Better

Our client, a major manufacturer of power transformers for the most extreme conditions and demanding applications, suffered an unexpected failure in the packaging supplied by an NJ-based contractor. The original crate was of insufficient structural integrity to withstand lifting from underneath, risking injury to personnel, cargo damage and late shipment penalties.


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Small Parts for a Massive Project

Our client was preparing to ship replacement rotors to a power plant in Sonoma CA. The manufacturer couldn’t afford any schedule deviations due to the impact on other project components and the prospect of significant liquidated damages for late completion.

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Bigger is Better

Our client is a $30bn revenue Fortune 15 manufacturer of power generation equipment. Though at the pinnacle of their industry, and capable of engineering and manufacturing the world’s most powerful and efficient gas turbine engines, our client faced logistical challenges with the shipment of the thousands of parts that, along with the turbines themselves, go into the installation of a power plant.

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Engineered Solutions…Because Ship Happens

Our client suffered 4 unexpected packaging failures under lifting by Port Authority personnel upon cargo receipt at the port of exit, jeopardizing the integrity of their material and their shipping schedule.


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Promoting Cargo Movement by Preventing It

Our client, a tier 1 automotive manufacturer, was undertaking the strategic international relocation of machinery to another of its plants. Dockside was trusted to package the machinery at the client’s plant in Gainesville, GA.

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