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Engineered Solutions…Because Ship Happens

Our client suffered 4 unexpected packaging failures under lifting by Port Authority personnel upon cargo receipt at the port of exit, jeopardizing the integrity of their material and their shipping schedule.

The cargo was booked on a breakbulk vessel chartered for that project and our client had contractual obligations to ensure cargo made the vessel, and would be subjected to liquidated damages for late delivery

Rather than have the vendor who supplied the packaging address the issue our client turned to its trusted partner Dockside to provide a reliable remedy in a timeframe that would avoid contractual penalties.

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[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness

Chris Horne, GE November 7, 2016