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Loading Cargo That Loads Your Cargo

Our client is the premiere manufacturer of airport ground support vehicles, selling them to
airport operators all over the world. Their range includes airport cargo loaders, the most
advanced in their industry.

To move those vehicles the manufacturer needs a partner who has the technical and practical
know-how to handle them and prepare them for export shipment.

As with all project cargo, poor export preparation could lead to cargo loss, insurance claim,
hazard to anyone coming into contact with the shipment, and loss of customer satisfaction due
to receipt of damaged cargo or delayed delivery due to repair/replacement. And when shipping
vehicles, timely document preparation adds an extra dimension in complexity.

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[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness- Chris Horne, GE





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