Case Studies

100,000lbs of Fragile

To service market demand on it’s China plant our client decided to temporarily relocate a large
stamping press for a finite production run.

To minimize disassembly is the US and installation time & cost in China it was decided that the
press would shipped in an almost fully-assembled fashion. This presented challenges to the
packaging design due to fragile hydraulic piping, power and control wiring being left on the
machine for shipment.

As a result a unique, one-of-a-kind crate was designed that accounted for the cargo weight and
allowed access to cast-in lifting points whilst still protecting those delicate components that, if
damaged, would add cost and hinder the implementation of the production run in China.

Dockside designed, engineered and fabricated a one-of-a-kind steel-lumber hybrid crate that accounted for the cargo weight, allowed access to cast-in lifting points. In addition, Dockside successfully made major design modifications mid project in response to a client change in the press disassembly plan which left additional fragile and crucial parts installed on the press instead of removing them.

  • Shipment was made on-schedule
  • Project was completed on-budget
  • Zero damage claim translating into an on-time installation and production start-up

Services Used:
• Packaging design, engineering
• Packaging manufacture
• Onsite packaging & preservation of the press and all of it’s peripheral components

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[General Electric] has worked with Dockside on packaging optimization programs in other parts of the country. We are pleased to be able to expand our program with them...Their specialized packaging expertise and familliarity with our products helps to improve our competitiveness

Chris Horne, GE November 7, 2016