A Quarter Million Coils of Performance Perfection

Every year our Fortune 100 client ships tens of thousands of aluminum coils used in the manufacture of beverage cans all around the world.

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Pulp Fact, Not Fiction

Our overseas client imports paper and pulp to the USA, a strategic marketplace. Being remotely located, it’s essential they partner with a logistics company they can trust to handle their products with expertise and deliver them to their clients in perfect condition.

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Building Loads for Building Products

With significant export sales of their commercial grade gypsum board to countries all over the globe a reliable and responsive partner with a high level of service quality is a must-have for our client. And that’s compounded by the fragility of the product, the high price sensitivity of their markets.

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Small Parts for a Massive Project

Our client was preparing to ship replacement rotors to a power plant in Sonoma CA. Along with the large and heavy cargo were a multitude of small parts, all of which needed to be received at the jobsite in an easy-to-identify, sequenced order to match the installation schedule. The manufacturer couldn’t afford any schedule deviations due to the impact on other project components and the prospect of significant liquidated damages for late completion.

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Bigger is Better

Our client had built the first of their newest product, the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbine engine, a 500,000lbs behemoth that cost $1 bn to develop. The company planned to test the unit in controlled circumstances but they had a hurdle to cross – the unit was assembled in a plant in France but the test facility was located in South Carolina, USA. It would need to be shipped to the US, tested and data captured, and then re-packaged for shipment back to origin.

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